GAMEWITH has a professional E-SPORTS team DETONATION GAMING management-acquisition amount of approximately ¥ 250 million

The VITALITY team, or simply VITALITY, is a French Esport Club founded in 2013 by Fabien Neo Devide, Nicolas Maurer, Corentin Gotaga Houssein and Kevin Brokybrawks Georges. Co-directed by the first two, it is the largest French representative on the international scene and is considered one of the three most powerful structures of Europe with G2 and FNATIC. Present at its debut only on the Call of Duty scene, the TEAM VITALITY has since diversified, extending in 2015 to the FIFA scene and then on Rainbow Six and League of Legends, where it is present at the highest European level. More recently, VITALITY launched in 2018 on Rocket League in partnership with Renault Sport, Game on which VITALITY becomes world champion in 2018, Fortnite and Counter-Strike. The French club is also present on Street Fighter, Formula 1 and Hearthstone. It was also present on Pubg, H1Z1, Clash Royale and Call of Duty, Vitality historical game that the club leaves in 2018 due to the excessive price needed to participate in competitions. The organization has been doing since 2019 from France s stadium its training center, formally becoming the first club resident of the enclosure. It employs a hundred people - including about forty players - and has an annual budget of more than 10 million euros.

Gamewith, which develops various game related businesses, focusing on game media, has acquired the SPORTS DETONATION stock, which is an operating company of DETONATION GAMING and announced that it has been a subsidiary.

This stock acquisition is aimed at combining the company s E-SPORTS business and DETONATION team operation, and the aim of expanding the domestic E-SPORTS market. In addition, it has been revealed that it was spent about 250 million yen in total when acquiring shares. The details are as follows.

■ Background of stock acquisition

We have developed various game-related businesses mainly in the game media business based on the philosophy of creating a world that can enjoy games.

Currently, the domestic E-sports market has continued to grow, and in 2024, it is expected to exceed 180 back yen.

We have also focused on the E-sports market, and we are operating our project centering on the professional e-sports team Gamewith.

In May 2021, the official supporters club of our professional E-sports team is also opened, and the challenges to new business areas, such as fan business and tournament management such as goods sales, and strengthening sales activities to companies, etc. is.

Source: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. 2020 Japan E Sports Market scale is 66.8 billion yen. ~ Famitsu announcement ~ announced on April 16, 2021

With the acquisition of this stock, we will accelerate our business growth by combining the operation of the professional E-sports team in the E-sports business and DETONATION competition scene with strengths in our video distribution. I thought that it could contribute to the expansion of the domestic E-sports market, and decided on the acquisition of this stock.

■ Company comments

I am very happy to work together with a company that has been driven by Japan s E-sports scene. DETONATION is a few Japanese E-sports teams that have a track record of the world, and in the domestic E-sports market, it is a team that can be said to be a symbol of strength. It is thought that it is possible to create a synergy that combines the strength of such detailation, the media, video distribution, and the know-how in the event operation, and to create a synergy that leads to the expansion of the domestic E-sports market, and Yes. We will support DETONATION victory throughout this effort, and will lead to market expansion of domestic E sports and E-sports business establishment.

This time, I am very happy to be able to be together as a member of the group company, the largest game information media in Japan. Since its team establishment, we have been working on development from the early days of domestic E-sports in the Slogan, Team Winning in the World. Also, with the support of many people, DETONATION GAMING was able to grow to a team that earns the popularity even in global.

In the future, through this degree of subsidiaries, we will work to create an E-sports player s competition environment and create a development of the game community and e-sports business by deepening collaboration with the strengths of both companies.

■ About the professional e-sports team DETONATION GAMING

DETONATION GAMING is a domestic top-level professional E-sports team with experience in the world tournament, and has a home stadium in Nagoya.

The number of people affhased more than 40 people, brand power as a team is a wide range of MOBA, FPS, TPS, TCG, fighting games, match actions, soccer games, etc..

In February 2015, we established a professional professional full-time system that is the basis of the project model of the current professional gumming team, and acquired Athlete Visa for the team-affiliated foreign players in March 2016 In October, in October this year, the Team DETONATION FOCUSME of the League of Legends sector, which is the most player number of the world, is the best 16 of the world s title, and the Best 16 of Japan is the first Japan s first. We are attracting attention as a pioneer of professional E sports team in Japan.

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